Thank you so much for taking the time to become an Environmental Steward. We only have one planet Earth and are so glad you want to learn new ways to care for it. TERRA supports Toyota’s commitment to Make a Better Planet through 4 Key Focus Areas: Carbon, Water, Materials, & Biodiversity.

Step 1

What Toyota is doing

• Purchasing renewable electricity
• Switching trucks and other transport to low carbon powertrains
• Encouraging suppliers and dealers to reduce CO₂ emissions
• Offering a portfolio of lower and zero carbon vehicles

• Reducing the amount of water we use in production processes
• Encouraging suppliers and dealers to reduce their water use
• Working with nonprofit organizations to conserve water and educate people about water issues

• Using sustainable materials in vehicle parts
• Reducing waste generation and increasing recycling
• Managing chemicals safely and finding suitable alternatives
• Encouraging suppliers and dealers to reduce their waste and recycle more

• Planting pollinator gardens and native species on our sites
• Working with suppliers and dealers to develop pollinator habitat
• Partnering with nonprofit organizations to expand pollinator habitat and educate the public about biodiversity

What You Can Do

• Replace all your lightbulbs with LED bulbs
• Seal your attic and windows to prevent air leaks
• Upgrade to a SMART thermostat and maintain your HVAC system every year; reduce your temps when away from home
• Set your thermostat to 2 degrees cooler in the winter, 2 degrees warmer in the summer
• Upgrade to high efficiency windows and appliances
• Research solar power for your home
• Consider a hybrid or electric vehicle for your next purchase

• Only run full loads in your laundry and dishwashers and don’t pre-rinse your dishes
• Minimize your use of garbage disposals
• Take shorter showers
• Consider WaterSense toilets that save up to 4 gallons per flush
• Install a rain barrel

• Always use reusable shopping bags
• Never use single-use plastics, like bottled water • Gift reusable water bottles to friends
• Reduce paper towel waste, and use cloth napkins/hand towels
• Do not request plastic silverware when ordering takeout
• Avoid fast fashion

• Start a garden at home that includes pollinator-friendly plants
• Make a visit to the TMMK biodiversity trail every month and help monitor native species
• Organize a local habitat restoration project
• Support groups (like the Wildlife Habitat Council) that promote the protection and restoration of biodiversity.